Top 5 SIMCO Articles of 2018

As we usher in 2019, SIMCO Drilling Equipment would like to recap the best and most-read articles shared on the SIMCO site in 2018. We appreciate all of our customers and followers and strive to share information important to you and to the drilling industry.

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Here are the Top 5 SIMCO Articles of 2018:

5. Are You Servicing Your Drill Rig Hydraulics Properly? SIMCO not only sells drilling equipment, but they are with you every step of the way in teaching proper use and maintenance of their rigs. This article covered the most important hydraulics upkeep tips to ensure your SIMCO equipment keeps you in the field for years to come.

4. The Drilling Systems For Installing & Testing Oil & Gas Rig Safety Anchors This article was a favorite as we talked about how the SIMCO 2400 is the perfect rig for exploration and installation of the anchors necessary for oil and gas rig safety.

3. SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. Digs Into Tornado Safety After a devastating tornado caused damage in nearby Pella, SIMCO took steps to ensure the safety of their own employees. This article garnered international attention and illustrates the family atmosphere at SIMCO.

2. SIMCO 7000 Carousel Improves Speed and Safety Our SIMCO 7000 rig is the powerhouse in any stable of drilling equipment, but this article introduces the drill rod carousel that makes this “Super Rig” not only fast but safer for your crew in the field.

And the top article of 2018…

1. SIMCO Announcement: Diesel Engine Production Changes You Need to Know SIMCO puts their customers first and works to make sure they are aware of upcoming changes and regulations. This article was the highest-performing story of 2018, showing just how important it is that we keep our customers in the know.

We at SIMCO Drilling Equipment wish you and yours a Happy New Year!