Who We Are

simco drilling rigs 50th anniversary


SIMCO® Drilling Equipment, Inc. began designing and building all-hydraulic, long stroke, top head drive drill rigs in 1971 at our manufacturing facility located in Osceola, Iowa. Today, SIMCO® drill rigs are working on every continent in the world, including Antarctica. Our rigs are used for water well drilling, geotechnical and environmental drilling, mineral exploration, geothermal drilling, construction and utility work and a wide range of other diverse applications.

SIMCO® rigs have earned a reputation for rugged dependability and low maintenance. That’s because they are built on a foundation of experienced hydraulic engineering. Our high pressure hydraulic systems provide big performance in compact packages. And the flexibility provided by hydraulics has allowed us to design a wide range of rig models that satisfy a variety of needs, including auger, rotary, core and down-the-hole hammer drilling.

In addition to rotary drill rigs, SIMCO® also manufactures hydraulic probing rigs for direct push soil sampling. These multipurpose rigs provide yet another example of our commitment to meet the diverse and changing needs of the drilling industry.

With quality, affordability and knowledgeable customer service, SIMCO® continues to offer new rig variations and new rig models to satisfy customer and developing market demands.

Contact us today with your particular drilling requirements. Whether you need just a drill rig or full turnkey package including tooling and training, SIMCO® is at your service.