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Simco 255 Pavement Test Core Drill Rig A customers SIMCO 255 Pavement Test Core drill rig doing coring on airport runways. This customer did a series of 10” diameter pavement cores over 2’ deep. The SIMCO 255 Pavement Test Core drill rig can core up to 18” diameter cores and also can do shallow auguring.
Simco 2800 Geothermal Drill Rig This is a customer of ours that drills with our SIMCO 2800 Geothermal drill rig in primarily rock formations. We came out to the customers first geothermal drill job site and helped them get started. He currently uses an auxiliary 400 cfm/200 psi air compressor to power his down the hole hammer. We drilled 4 geothermal boreholes 200’ deep on this job site. The drill rig performed great!
Simco 2800 Geothermal Drill Rigs Wow this was a prime example of a tight geothermal drill site! This customer was drilling a geothermal retro fit to this already established house and yard. Many drill rigs would not have been able to access this yard. Pictured is one of our truck mounted 2800 geothermal drill rigs. The great thing about this geothermal drill rig package is you can get in to small yards but yet still have a powerful enough geothermal drill rig to get the job done efficiently.
2800 Geothermal Drill A SIMCO customer using our 2800 geothermal / waterwell drill to drill some geothermal boreholes. This geothermal drill job had very tight quarters as the yard backed up right to the lake. The geothermal boreholes were drilled at Sun Valley Lake, in Iowa. One of the geothermal drill pictures they took looked so great, we sent it to the Water Well Journal and they used it for the magazines cover.
Simco 2800 Drill This SIMCO customer drills water wells in Africa for villages that are in great need of clean water. This picture was taken in Bamako, Mali in Africa. They used our SIMCO 2800 drill to drill with a down the hole air hammer to complete the water well at 200 feet. This rig is mounted on one of our SIMCO trailer/drill platforms. This allows the 2800 drill to be pulled by most any of the customers trucks. This is a very compact drilling rig package with a lot of power.
SIMCO 2800 Drill Rig We bought and sent this drill rig to Haiti in 1978, it has drilled hundreds of wells in Haiti and a few in the Dominican Republic. I recently refurbished it after it went through 3 hurricanes and one earthquake. It just won’t quit! Curtis King. This drill rig is a SIMCO 2800 drill rig.