Drilling Videos


The drilling videos featured here on our website showcase the capabilities of various types of drilling rigs, including water well drilling, auger drilling, core drilling, and more. With a focus on the specific processes involved in geothermal drilling, geotechnical drilling, and water well drilling, these drilling videos enable you to see the differences between the various drilling rigs offered by SIMCO.

A variety of geothermal drilling videos allow you to view Air Rotary DTH Hammer and Mud Rotary drilling. Pavement core drilling, drill augering, and water well drilling videos are also available for viewing.


  • SIMCO 7000 Geothermal Water Well Drilling DEMO

  • 2800 PTO Drilling Rig Feature

  • 2400 Trailer Mount Drilling Rig Feature

  • SIMCO-7000 Hydraulic JIB DEMO

  • 2400 SK-1 Geothermal Water Well Drilling Videos

  • 7000 Drill Rod Carousel Feature

  • 2800 Mud Rotary Geothermal Drilling Videos

  • 7000 Mud Rotary Geothermal Drilling Videos

  • 2400 SK-I Drill Augering Drilling Videos

  • 255 PTC Pavement Core Drilling Videos