The Drilling Systems For Installing & Testing Oil & Gas Rig Safety Anchors

SIMCO drilling rigs are used around the world by a variety of industries. With the capability for soil exploration, water well drilling, core sampling and many other applications, it’s no surprise the oil and gas industry relies on SIMCO rigs, too.

oil gas rig anchor testing

Guidelines and regulations were put in place in 1991 after several fatalities caused by derrick collapses. Temporary anchors used in the oilfield services and gas well drilling industry were failing. OSHA regulations require regular testing of oilfield anchors to ensure the safety of the crews working the oil and gas drilling rigs.

The SIMCO 2400 is the perfect drill rig for installing these oilfield safety anchors. Its compact and powerful design makes it the ideal system for the job, with the ability to be mounted on an industry-specific truck. Fuel efficient and highly maneuverable, the 2400 is customizable for the highest efficiency. Installation of oilfield safety anchors calls for reliable and powerful drilling capabilities. With the option to mount the 2400 on their own truck, oil field service customers can create their own all-in-one unit that includes the 2400 drill rig, their pull test apparatus and a hydraulic cylinder able to pull around 20,000 pounds during anchor testing. If the oilfield anchors aren’t up to standards, the SIMCO 2400 can get into tight areas to replace the failing anchor quickly and efficiently.

drilling rig anchor drilling equipment

The safety and stability of the oil and gas industry drilling derricks is imperative to a successful business. In the harshest of conditions, the SIMCO 2400 is the ideal exploration and drilling rig for oil and gas service industry construction and maintenance services.

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