SIMCO Announcement: Diesel Engine Production Changes You Need to Know

Simco deisel engine production

Effective January 1, 2019, SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. will no longer produce equipment powered by diesel engines that meet the older Tier 3 or Tier 4 Interim EPA Off-Road emission regulations for sale in USA, Canada & EU. We are able to manufacture drill rigs powered by these older tier engines through 2018 by utilizing the EPA’s Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers (TPEM) as long as the supply lasts on them.

Current estimates are a 40%-60% increase when going to the new Tier 4 final engine. If you plan on purchasing an affected drill rig model in 2018, we recommend getting your purchase order in to us as soon as possible. SIMCO Drilling Equipment’s limited number of 2018 Flex/Interim engines will be assigned to orders on a first come-first serve basis. Once depleted, the new Tier 4 final engines will be used.

simco 2400 2800 deck engine

Models affected by this announcement: SIMCO 2400 models and 2800 deck engine models

SIMCO orders require a 25% deposit and balance paid at time of shipping.

SIMCO production AnnouncementClick the document image to download the official SIMCO announcement.

If you have questions or need immediate assistance concerning this announcement, please contact our sales department at 800-338-9925 or through our Contact Page for more information.