SIMCO 7000 Carousel Improves Speed and Safety

The SIMCO 7000 drilling rig is the “Super Rig” in any company’s stable of drilling equipment. With its massive torque, this powerhouse gets the biggest jobs done with ease and reliability. But it’s the SIMCO 7000 carousel that completes the task at hand quickly while keeping your crew safe in the field.

Check out the video of the SIMCO 7000 Drilling Rig Carousel In Action!

  • The SIMCO 7000 carousel provides safer handling of the heaviest drill rods. A 20-foot drill rod is cumbersome and not easily maneuvered around a site using just manpower. The carousel handles the bulky, hefty drill rods needed for your biggest chores so you don’t have to risk injury to your crew.
  • Take the guess-work out of making and breaking connections. The SIMCO 7000 carousel offers automatic indexing to have the next rod or slot perfectly lined up for adding or storing drill rods quickly in the field. This feature cuts the time of positioning for heightened adaptibility.
  • Your customers rely on you to tackle the task at hand and complete it in a specified amount of time. The ease of the SIMCO 7000 carousel improves each job’s overall drilling speeds and efficiency through lightening the work load of your crew and speeding up the process of making and breaking connections. In the drilling industry, time is money and your customers will appreciate how you can save them both.

Keep your crew safe and powering through each drill job smoothly with the SIMCO 7000 carousel. Coupled with the 7000’s hydraulic JIB and available torque, you’ll be hard pressed to find a job your SIMCO 7000 can’t get done!

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