Well Development: The Key to Maximized Water Well Drilling

Controlling the proper direction of energy is the best way to maximize your water well drilling capabilities. More pumping energy is required for larger boreholes if you want to drill and clean the borehole most efficiently and effectively. Is your rig fitted with equipment that has the necessary power for creating proper uphole velocity during the drilling phase?

maximize water well development

In his article, Developed Well in the May 2019 edition of National Driller, Brock Yordy talks about uphole velocity best drilling practices for drilling mud. He says,

“Best drilling practices need 60 to 150 feet per minute of uphole velocity for drilling mud, and a minimum of 3,500 feet per minute for dry air. These uphole velocity minimums create drilling conditions where the path of least resistance is favorable for drill solids to come up and out of the borehole, as opposed to out into the production zone.”

Whether you are working on geothermal, water well or geotechnical drilling, nothing compares to the SIMCO PDQ drill rod in SIMCO drilling rigs for clearing drill cuttings.

Made of an alloy steel that allowed a reduction in the mid body wall and a reduction in weight from 90 to 64 pounds for 10′ rods, the lightweight SIMCO PDQ is easier to handle while its steel maintains the strength of thicker and heavier designs. Its 3-inch OD and 1 7/8-inch ID allows for higher water flow velocity through the rod at a lower risk of backup. The water course of the SIMCO PDQ is over 100% larger than competitors and offers a more efficient borehole clean out with much improved uphole velocity – a requirement Yordy emphasizes frequently throughout his feature.

When drill solids load up downhole, the resulting decreased uphole velocity throws the drilling process off-balance. The drill solids get pushed into a porosity zone, and the ability of the water well to produce is lowered the longer that process is out of balance.

Well development is maximized through the constant cleaning and opening of the production zone using maximum energy, and the best way to maximize energy is with the SIMCO PDQ drill rod.

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