SIMCO’s PDQ Drill Rod Makes Fast Work of Any Drilling Job

pdq SIMCO drill rod head

Every drill job is different and has its own challenges. But whether you are working on geothermal, water well or geotechnical drilling, nothing compares to the SIMCO PDQ drill rod used especially when used with the SIMCO Drill Rigs.

The SIMCO PDQ rod is made of an alloy steel that allowed a reduction in the mid body wall and a reduction in weight from 90 to 64 pounds, putting less stress on the rig overall. The lightweight PDQ is much easier to handle being 30% lighter than standard drill rods, but its steel maintains the strength of thicker and heavier designs.

Featuring a 3-inch diameter, the SIMCO PDQ drill rod allows for an increased, smoother water flow through the rod, and a lower risk of backup. The PDQ is over 100% larger than competitors and offers a more efficient borehole clean out than ever before. When you can use a safer, faster and more reliable drill rod, you will build a good reputation as both a dependable drilling company and an employer that cares about its crews.

drilling parts from SIMCO

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How much time is wasted in the field changing out tool joints? The PDQ only requires 1 1/2 turns for lock and unlock, as opposed to the standard 4 needed for other rods. Your crew and your customers will appreciate the speed of making tool joints in the field. When weather conditions can make or break your drilling job, speed and safety are essential to a successful drill assignment.

The SIMCO PDQ drill pipe is built specifically for SIMCO, and is a huge advantage not available anywhere else. SIMCO engineers worked very hard with their drill pipe manufacturer to develop this rod which is especially beneficial with the SIMCO 2400 and 2800 models. If you don’t currently have a SIMCO rig, our technicians have the knowledge, skill and equipment needed to customize an adapter sub to meet your needs. You don’t have to fight through your jobs using an older, inefficient drill rod just because you don’t have SIMCO equipment. Let us build you an adapter so you, too, can benefit from the efficiency and safety of the superior PDQ drill rod.

Contact the SIMCO customer service department by phone at (800) 338-9925 or by email to find out how a SIMCO PDQ drill rod can make your jobs efficient and grow your business.