The SIMCO 2800 PTO Water Well Drilling Rig Wins Where Big Rigs Can’t

When size and power matter, the 2800 PTO Drilling Rig from SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. is the choice professionals have made for over 30 years. Able to get into work spaces bigger rigs can’t, the nimble 2800 PTO provides big rig power in a unique, compact package.

See the SIMCO 2800 PTO In Action Below:

Paired with SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.’s 3” PDQ drill pipe, the 2800 PTO water well drilling system means power, performance and maneuverability for drilling operations large and small. The SIMCO 2800 PTO configuration consists of higher horsepower-driven hydraulics, giving you the power to move more cuttings and drill more efficiently than competitors’ similarly sized water well drilling rigs.

Built on a Ram 5500 4×4 truck, this package remains one of the most compact drilling rigs on the market – able to bring everything your water well drilling operation site needs – all on one rig:

  • 2x3x13 impeller centrifugal mud pump with max output of 300 gpm and 250 psi
  • 185 cfm/150 psi development air compressor
  • 11’ Stroke mast with extendable tower gets into tighter places
  • Rated for 19,500 gvw including drill rods, centrifugal mud pump, development air compressor

“If you’re looking for a compact, powerful water well drilling rig, the SIMCO 2800 PTO is the one,” said Richard Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing. “All this power and performance on a compact package gets you in and out of places that bigger trucks can’t go.”

At SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc., our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable drilling rig tailored to your business’s specific needs. Call the SIMCO team at 800-338-9925 to learn more about the new or used options available to you, or simply contact us online HERE for more information.