SIMCO’s PDQ Drill Pipe Beats the Competition Every Time

In rotary drilling, the more efficiently you move your fluid from the pump through the bit, the more efficiently you can move the cuttings out of the hole and make more progress in less time. The SIMCO PDQ drill pipe outshines the competition through superior engineering, no matter if you are working on geothermal, water well or geotechnical drilling.

Click the image below to download the SIMCO PDQ Data Sheet (PDF)

The SIMCO PDQ drill pipe is built specifically for SIMCO, and is a huge advantage not available anywhere else. Over the years, SIMCO engineers have worked very hard with their drill pipe manufacturer to develop this rod. With a 3-inch outside diameter and 1⅞-inch inside diameter, the SIMCO PDQ drill pipe easily out maneuvers the competition who offers 2⅞-inch OD and a mere 1½-inch ID. Other SIMCO PDQ drill pipe advantages include:

  • Only 1½ turns to make tool joints, making connections 60% faster
  • More efficient bore hole clean out through 50% larger tool joint opening
  • Easier to handle in the field, weighing 30% less than other rods

SIMCO engineers sat down with the goal of reducing fluid constraining in the drill rod while also eliminating pressure drops and flow restriction. By using an alloy steel that allowed a reduction in the mid body wall, they were able to open up the inside diameter through the tool joint and create a lighter rod that put less stress on the rig and the crew. They tested this new rod by using it on one of a pair of identical geothermal drilling rigs used by the same company over a summer. During testing, each rig was used on the same sites, switching the crews so everyone used both rods, and they were used interchangeably throughout the summer. No matter how productivity was measured, whether it was by feet per minute or holes per day, the SIMCO PDQ drill pipe came out on top with a 20-25% increase over the standard competition.

When you are looking for a stronger rod for your drilling operation that reduces time making joints, increases bore hole clean out, and creates a safer environment for your crew, nothing compares to the SIMCO PDQ drill pipe. And don’t forget that SIMCO makes all their own sub adapters for this pipe in house to ensure a secure connection every time. You will build a good reputation as both a dependable drilling company and an employer that cares about its crews by using a safer, faster and more reliable drill rod.

Contact the SIMCO customer service department by phone at (800) 338-9925 or by email to find out how a SIMCO PDQ drill pipe can make your jobs more efficient and grow your business.