SIMCO’s Diversity Offers Advantages for Geotechnical Drilling Operations

SIMCO Drilling Equipment has long been a leader in the design and engineering of state-of-the-art geotechnical drilling rigs and equipment. From the popular 2400 SK-1 drill, to the maneuverable and rugged 2800, all the way to the powerhouse 7000 model, SIMCO offers options and advantages that can tackle nearly any geotechnical drilling job their customers face.

geotechnical drilling rig options

“Not every company performing geotechnical drilling work has the same needs, or works in the same conditions,” says Richard Clarke, Sales and Marketing Director at SIMCO. “That’s why it’s important to offer a variety of options and configurations so each customer gets what they need without having to pay for unnecessary upgrades or options.”

  • Carrier Variations: SIMCO offers multiple choices for geotech drill mounting. Customers can choose to build on a Ford F550 or Dodge RAM 5500 truck, mount to a portable and versatile trailer that includes leveling jacks, or opt for the ultimate access and maneuverability of track mounting.
  • Drill Head Options: Your drilling crew maintains control with the variable speed drill head, giving you more torque at lower speeds, and hydrostatic rotation to control the power where you need it most. Combine an 11’ stroke mast with telescoping extension and a hydraulic drill head with a swing-out capability and your crew gets safer and faster transitions and overall more efficient drilling.
  • Water Pump Choices: SIMCO knows it’s important to choose the right size and style of water pump. Your SIMCO sales associate will help you determine whether a small piston pump, a high-volume centrifugal pump, or a larger mono or duplex pump will fit your geotechnical drilling needs.

Every SIMCO geotechnical drilling rig and drilling system is built to be rugged, powerful, and reliable. With a variety of equipment options, SIMCO provides adaptability that allows customers to take on the jobs that keep them in the field and consistently profitable.

With over 50 years of quality and service, SIMCO Drilling Equipment can help you create the perfect geotechnical drilling system for your business. Call 800-338-9925 or visit our Contact Page to request a free quote today!