Geotechnical Drilling / Environmental Drilling 2400 SK-1

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Backed by over 50 years of experience makes this rig the easy choice.

The SIMCO 2400 SK-1 is one of the longest lasting and most in demand drill rigs in the SIMCO Drilling Equipment line. The SIMCO 2400 SK-1 is a compact ruggedly built easy to maintain, all hydraulic, top head drive drill rig that just gets the job done. The SIMCO 2400 SK-1 is ideal for geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling. With SIMCO you are not just buying a drill rig you are getting unmatched service and support that you won’t find anywhere else. The SIMCO 2400 SK-1 is backed by the best warranty in the geotechnical drilling and the environmental drilling industry. (Capabilities subject to drilling conditions, mud pump size and auxiliary compressor size). Optional High Speed Coring Head Available (0-970 rpm). Optional 10’ stroke mast available with most drill packages.