SIMCO Features and Benefits Make Our Basic Drills the Best

Recently we were contacted for a quote on a new SIMCO drill for small diameter, geotechnical auger drilling up to 100’ depths. The inquiry was for our most basic model that could be mounted on a truck to be used in very hot and harsh conditions in Africa. The request offered up an estimated budget and asked for a competitive comparison against another company’s “basic” auger drilling model. While the SIMCO features and benefits of our basic model 2400 SK-1 would fit all the requirements for the client, the standard features of a SIMCO drilling rig provide enhanced performance capabilities.

quality drilling rig for the price

While it’s important to consider your bottom line when shopping for drilling equipment to meet your specific needs, it’s also imperative to understand what you’re paying for. Every drill manufacturer uses different components, different configurations, different packages, so it’s not easy to compare “apples to apples.” Not all drilling rig packages are the same. SIMCO drilling systems offer outstanding quality, low maintenance, and day-in and day-out rugged reliability in the field. But the real difference shows through the unique SIMCO features and benefits of our basic model 2400 SK-1:

  • 40HP Deutz diesel engine
  • triple hydraulic pumps with an oil cooler
  • two-speed range drill head
    • slower speed, higher torque setting for tough augering conditions
    • higher speed, lower torque setting to quickly convey the cuttings to the surface
  • hydraulic foot on the mast
    • more stability
    • takes weight off truck’s springs
  • in/out slide base
    • extends the rig past the rear bumper
    • moves rig over rear axle for better vehicle stability during travel

SIMCO builds each and every drilling rig to specifications to meet the precise needs of each and every client. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles to provide a wide range of services or if you are looking for the bare minimum to complete a very distinct type of drilling job, we can fulfill your requirements. But it’s important to keep in mind that SIMCO quality stands head and shoulders above the competition, providing tailored components, outstanding customer service, and an industry-best warranty on every system we sell.

Interested in more information about SIMCO features and benefits and what sets us apart from all other manufacturers? Call our customer service department at 800-338-9925 or send us an inquiry through our contact page.