SIMCO 2800 Water Well Drilling Rig – Drill Rig Packages To Suit Your Operation

Thanks to Mother Nature, no two drill holes are the same. That means each water well drilling operation is different. That’s why the package options for the SIMCO 2800 Water Well Drilling Rig vary from rig to rig and from customer to customer. With extensive options, the team at SIMCO can create a rig that best suits the soil / drilling challenges you face in the field.

best water well drilling rig with options

“In our industry, one size doesn’t fit all,” said Richard Clarke, Sales and Marketing Director at SIMCO. “That’s why cookie-cutter or ‘off the shelf’ drill rig configurations ultimately let the driller down in the long run.”

When SIMCO builds a 2800 water well rig, it does so with each customer’s distinct drilling needs in mind.  There are choices to be made within select rig features that can greatly affect a rig’s performance.

  • Mud pumps — Achieving the necessary up-hole velocity to get the cuttings out of the borehole is greatly affected by several factors: the combination of borehole diameter, depth and annular space, the style and size of drill pipe (hence the PDQ drill pipe), and the output volume and pressure of the mud pump. Centrifugal, piston and progressing cavity pumps are all available for a 2800 series rig. Even the drilling fluid plumbing system can be adapted for use with mud and/or air rotary drilling.
  • Drill heads — Several hydrostatically driven drill heads are available with infinitely adjustable rotation speeds and different maximum torque ratings. This feature lets the operator use the optimum rotation speeds to match the style of bit to the type of drilling method needed for the formation being drilled. Too much torque is not a good thing when drilling with threaded drill rods.
  • Winches — Several styles of winches with different rated capacities are available. Choose from the slower but higher capacity winches for main hoisting duties to higher speed , lower capacity winches for tool handling, wire line tripping or loop installing.
  • Rod Handling — As the style and size of the drill rod being used changes, so can the type of tool handling needed.  Whether it is a flat wrench/rod centering split table system or a hydraulic rod clamp/hinged rod guide system, your 2800 rig can be equipped with the best system for achieving the most efficient drilling.

Contact the SIMCO Drilling Equipment customer service department at 800-338-9925 or reach out through our Contact Page for information on the SIMCO 2800 and the configuration that best suits your operation, or to get a quote on a new rig today!