SIMCO 2400-SK-1 – An Evolution of Superior Drilling Rig Engineering

The SIMCO 2400-SK1 has been one of the most popular and versatile drilling rigs in the SIMCO line since early in their 50-year history. Introduced in 1971 shortly after the company opened for business, this tough auger rig was touted as a simple to operate, economical to own, compact and well-engineered piece of equipment. As the years progressed, the team at SIMCO continued to improve on the popular platform.

simco 2400 sk1 water well drilling rig

“It’s not often that the two sayings ‘You’ve come a long way, baby,’ and ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ can be equally applied to the same product,” said Richard Clarke, Director of Marketing at SIMCO. “However, in the case of the 2400-SK1 model drill from SIMCO, both cases can apply.”

Although the rig’s power, performance and versatility have been greatly increased over the past 50 years, these same reliable traits are still true today.

Base 2400SK-1 Then (1971) Now (2021)
Engine/ H.P. gas/ 19-24 HP Tier 4 diesel/ 56 HP
Drillhead torque 291 ft lbs 2000 ft lbs
Drillhead speed 0-110 RPM 0-180 RPM
Mast stroke 74″ 136″ standard (74” optional)
Pull up/ pull down 6230 lbs 7600 lbs
Mast hyd foot standard standard
Mast extension standard standard
Hyd system- gear pump single section / 20 gpm triple sections / 10 gpm each
                   – pressure 1500 psi 2500 psi
                   – oil cooler standard standard
Cathead standard Auto SPT hammer standard
Winch N/A 2550 lbs
Slide base – in/out standard standard
Slide base – side/side N/A optional


“When you have a product that works as well as the 2400,” said Clarke, “Keeping it current with industry changes and customer demand is easier than engineering from scratch.”

Today, this top selling rig model has been adapted for a wide variety of drilling applications including mud rotary well drilling, high speed core drilling, tower anchoring, dock piers and perk testing. Backed by SIMCO’s superior parts and service, these rigs have set a standard that has been often copied but never equaled.

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