Quality Drilling Equipment Keeps SIMCO Top of the Game

Since 1969, SIMCO Drilling Equipment has been fabricating and developing some of the best drills in the industry from their state of the art manufacturing facility in Osceola, Iowa.  Providing the tools for an assortment of drilling needs including water well, environmental, geothermal, geotechnical, construction and exploration, SIMCO drills are used all over the world, on every continent.

simco drilling rigs and equipment quality

Starting out as Southern Iowa Manufacturing, Inc., the company began with the development of hydraulic drill rigs, producing the 3000TR, their first crawler-mounted hydraulic auger rig. Needs and capabilities changed, prompting the creation of the 2400SK model, built for trailer or pickup truck mounting. Hydrostatic pumps became available in the mid 1970s and the company designed their 2800HS and 5000WS models to add to their stable of products.

In 1994, the company’s name was changed to SIMCO, Inc., but the quality and innovation never wavered. They have continued to lead the industry in engineering and today offer several rig designs using their advanced hydraulics system. If you’re looking for a high-torque geotechnical package with outstanding adaptability or a smooth operating mud rotary drilling package, look no further than SIMCO’s 7000 and 2800 models. The size and capability available puts SIMCO at the front of the pack when it comes to mud rotary drilling.

SIMCO’s exceptional customer service is what really sets them apart. Through the years, loyal customers have returned time and again, making SIMCO the company it is today. Each employee understands the importance of quality and takes great pride in providing top of the line products. From the top to the bottom, everyone knows that customer service extends well beyond the sale of a drilling rig. SIMCO employees are the backbone of the company and go above and beyond standard service, whether it’s helping to create the perfect rig to meet your specific needs, training a customer’s employees on the use of a new rig, or providing maintenance for a long-standing client.

One such satisfied customer, Curtis King of Compassion International working in Port Au Prince, Haiti had this to say about SIMCO Drilling Equipment:

“We bought and sent [the 2800] drill rig to Haiti in 1978, it has drilled hundreds of wells in Haiti and a few in the Dominican Republic. I recently refurbished it after it went through three hurricanes and one earthquake. It just won’t quit!”

Customer loyalty stems from the fact that SIMCO not only sells quality rigs, but designs, engineers, manufactures and services all of their equipment in-house from their plant in Osceola. With a best in the trade warranty and by constantly working to understand the changing needs of their clients, the SIMCO name carries a superior reputation in the drilling rig industry and around the world.

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