PDC Bit Pairs with SIMCO 2800 for Cost-Effective Water Well Drilling

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits are designed for water well drilling in rough conditions because it chews through most types of rock. These bits are long-lasting and should easily be able to give a drilling operation thousands of feet of hole. Pairing this bit with either the SIMCO 2800 drilling rig or 2400 wet rotary rig will help you get the most for your money.

pdc bit for water well drilling

SIMCO’s series of water well drilling rigs pair with PDC bits very nicely because they don’t require a big air compressor when you have controllable mud rotary capability. This accessory is made to chew through rock and is an excellent alternative in some formations to going to down the hole hammer. As an added benefit, SIMCO manufactures their own bit subs so no matter the bit supplier, our drilling rig can adapt to it.

“The adaptability of our rigs expands the ability of the rig to do the work,” said Ryan Gross, Rig Sales Representative at SIMCO. “We recommend drillers to work with the local bit suppliers who will be far more knowledgeable about local rock formations. But, because we manufacture our own bit subs, we can fit our drill rod to nearly any bit out there.”

PDC bits come as an investment, but a driller will get far more mileage out of it, especially when paired with the SIMCO drilling rigs. Plus, there’s a substantial price difference when compared to a down the hole hammer that requires the use of a powerful, high output air compressor.

When you’re looking for a more economical, cost-effective alternative for water well drilling through hard rock, a PDC drill bit mounted on a SIMCO 2800 or 2400 drill rig will last, giving you a great return on your investment.

For more information about SIMCO’s bit subs and drilling rig options, please contact our sales department by calling 800-338-9925 or through our CONTACT page today.