Custom In-House Subs Set SIMCO Above Competition

SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. has spent more than 40 years building an outstanding reputation within the drilling rig and drilling rig equipment industry. Not only is the SIMCO customer service department known all around the world, but their on-site technicians are top of the industry when it comes to drilling bit subs and adapters for virtually any make or model. Every drilling job is different and has its own challenges. No matter whether your job is for water well drilling, drilling pavement test core, or geotechnical soil sampling, SIMCO has the drilling equipment to meet your needs.

drilling rig parts subs for drill

The SIMCO PDQ rod offers many great features to make it strong, dependable and versatile. Made of an alloy steel, it allows a reduction in weight, which puts less stress on the rig overall. Because of an increased, smoother water flow through the rod, the PDQ is a safer, faster and more reliable drill rod.

SIMCO has the equipment on site to adapt the PDQ thread to almost any thread, since we make our own bit subs in house. Our engineers worked hard with their drill pipe manufacturers to develop a rod that boosts productivity in the field, especially when used with the SIMCO 2800 and 2400 drill rig models. This exclusive design makes the creation of tool joints in the field fast and safe.

As if that wasn’t enough, SIMCO doesn’t exclusively make bit subs for their equipment, or even just for the PDQ. If you don’t currently have a SIMCO rig, our technicians have the knowledge, skill and equipment needed to customize an adapter sub to meet your needs. You don’t have to fight through your jobs using an older, inefficient drill rod just because you don’t have SIMCO equipment. We can make almost any bit sub to fit your equipment so you, too, can benefit from the efficiency and safety of the superior SIMCO expertise.

Contact the SIMCO customer service department by phone at (800) 338-9925 or by email to find out how SIMCO bit subs can make your jobs efficient and grow your business.