Improving On The Versatility Of The SIMCO 2400

As seen in your most trusted publications such as World Wide Drilling Resource, Water Well Journal, National Driller, Drill Bits Magazine, and Geodrilling International, the reliable, easy to operate, and low-cost to maintain SIMCO 2400 just got better!

water well drilling rig on tracks

When cost effective auger drilling and soil sampling are needed to be done in hard-to-access locations, this is the rig for you. This robust, portable drilling rig has been a reliable, ideal choice for decades, but we still found ways to improve it.

The new crawler mounted rig package includes:

  • a long stroke mast for 5’ to 10’ tools
  • an automatic SPT hammer
  • a remote-controlled track system
  • a four-jack hydraulic leveling system
  • and a 56 HP tier 4 final diesel engine.

The reliable properties of the 2400 are still part of the package, but the improved capabilities and features make quick work of any project. Whether your focus is water well drilling, geotechnical drilling, or geothermal drilling, the SIMCO 2400  has always been able to get into tighter spots that other drilling rigs can’t access, and the new crawler mounted rig package makes it more versatile than ever.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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