The robust, portable, and powerful SIMCO 2400 geotechnical drill rig is one of the most reliable in the SIMCO arsenal. With the addition of an automatic hammer, we made it more versatile and safer, keeping the all-hydraulic rig at the top of the class. Now we’ve improved it further by building it on remote-controlled tracks.

simco 2400 drill rig on tracks

Since its introduction in 1971, the all-hydraulic SIMCO 2400 rig has been a class leader. This compact, low-maintenance rig comes standard with an impressive package of features:

  • Long-stroke mast
  • Two-speed high-torque drill head
  • Hinged off-hole of drill head
  • 2550-pound hydraulic winch
  • In/out slide base
  • 56 HP Tier 4 final deck engine

Available add-on options:

  • CME Automatic SPT hammer
  • Side-to-side slide base
  • 3L6 Moyno pump

Now SIMCO has improved this maneuverable powerful rig by offering the option to build the rig on tracks to conquer nearly any terrain and make it even more maneuverable. With the added remote control feature, crews can drive the rig into tight spots and guide the rig in place while being able to see the whole site.

Ruggedly built, simple to operate, low-maintenance and profitable to own, the SIMCO 2400 is your geotechnical drilling rig choice for power and portability.

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