You Can Depend on the Performance of the Centerline Monopump

One of the top questions we get in the sales department is, “What is the capacity of that drill rig?”

Ultimately, the answer is when you reach the depth where you can’t pull up the drill string, you’ve reached the rig’s capacity. But when you look at capabilities realistically on a job site, you’ve reached maximum depth capacity when you can no longer move the cuttings out of the hole. This not only slows down the operation but it may keep you from reaching your desired water well drilling depth.

water well mono pump

That’s why, for over a decade, SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. has offered the Centerline single-stage piston pump as an integral part of our 2800 water well drilling system. The Centerline is hydraulically-driven with a max output of 180 gpm and a max rated pressure of 275 psi, offering you a substantial amount of flow with the amount of pressure needed to clear cuttings. This gives your drilling rig the ability to produce 400+ foot water wells more efficiently than other similarly sized rigs.

The Centerline “monopump” provides an output close to that of the 5 x 6 duplex piston pump configuration, but this 7 ½ x 10 single stage piston pump weighs – and costs – a lot less. When you pair it with the versatile SIMCO 2800 water well drilling rig, you get deeper range in different formations and the maneuverability to work where you’re needed.

“How do you make a small rig perform like a big rig?” asks Richard Clarke, SIMCO’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “You give it big pump performance, like the Centerline pumping system, to clear debris out of the hole like the big rigs.”

SIMCO Drilling Equipment builds each rig to your specifications, taking into consideration many additional factors such as bore hole size, drilling conditions, geology, the mud mixture, and the desired depth capacity. By working with you and looking at your specific needs, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of spending more money for options you don’t need, while you get a reliable drilling rig with the best warranty in the industry.

Give our sales department a call at 800-338-9925 or reach out through our contact page to learn more about the options on the SIMCO 7000 or any of our outstanding drilling systems.