Will 2017 Be A Good Year for Groundwater Well Drilling?

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Predicting the potential outcome for groundwater well drilling can often prove difficult, especially early on in the year. It can depend on varying factors, many of which are regionally specific. So, ground water drilling in South Africa may differ dramatically from California or Iowa. The oil industry is expected to see a substantial increase in localized drilling, particularly within the United States as the new administration is expected to push towards more internal energy production. However, this will be a poor predictor of groundwater well drilling trends for the near future. Instead, it is necessary to look into the need for more local fresh water sources within given regions in order to make a reasonable assessment on well drilling in 2017.

Areas of interest to consider with regards to groundwater well drilling through 2017 include:

  • California
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southern Africa


The state of California has seen an increase in rainfall over the last several months. This has helped fill some reservoirs, although the levels are still not at fully desirable levels. Southern California typically relies on melting snow and heavy rainfall in Oregon and Washington State to run down into California for the majority of its water. Oregon experienced an unusual amount of snowfall during the winter in addition to greater than average rainfall in recent months. Due to this, well drilling likely will see a subtle decline in California, although the southern portion of the state may still go through some water shortages with the hot and dry summer fast approaching.

Southeast Asia

Southeastern Asia is in the midst of its worst drought in almost 90 years. Nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar have already reached out to international organizations for help. This is increasing the need for deep water well drilling and looking for other alternative sources of fresh water.

Southern Africa

Much like Southeast Asia, Southern Africa is expected to see severe and extreme drought conditions due to El Niño. Rain-fed agricultural production that most of Southern Africa relies on to live was dramatically impacted after two consecutive El Niño droughts. This will dramatically increase the need for water well drilling in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho and other neighboring nations in southeastern Africa.

Groundwater well drilling looks to have a mixed future for 2017, largely depending on the region of your business. While Southern California may see a slight decline in need, areas in Southeast Asia and Africa will experience a dramatic increase due to the most recent El Nino. No matter your location, you should prepare for the water well drilling season and ensure all equipment is properly maintained before the season begins.

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