Water Well Drilling in the Mountains of Peru with the SIMCO 2800

SIMCO rigs are used for water well drilling throughout the world, in virtually every terrain. But an organization in the Andes Mountains of Peru is going to great heights to reach the right depths with the SIMCO 2800.

drilling rigs for water wells non-profit

A non-profit group out of Arkansas established the ministry farm of Villa Milagro in the Cajamarca Valley of Peru. Part of the work they do includes helping the local people find safe sources of water in a challenging environment.

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Using their own truck-mounted SIMCO 2800 drilling system, the group has been working in extreme conditions, drilling through compacted clay, sand and gravel, and fragmented rock at altitudes of 8,700 feet up to 11,400 feet. With its compact size and maneuverability, the SIMCO 2800 is ideally engineered for drilling jobs larger drilling systems just can’t reach.  And the 2800 is powerful enough to drill water wells over 200 feet down into the coarse Andes Mountain terrain.

Drilling water wells was the original mission in Cajamarca, Peru, started in 1985. Just this year, Villa Milagro drilled four successful water wells that provide safe, clean drinking water to 470 families. While their work continues, they have another 15 water well drilling requests in other nearby areas, and their SIMCO 2800 is not only up to the task but will continue to fill these critical needs for years to come.

To learn more about the capabilities of the SIMCO 2800 or to discuss your own water well drilling needs, contact SIMCO by calling 800-338-9925 or online through our Contact page.