Water Well Development – Tips to Avoid Well Failure

Inadequate well development is one of the biggest problems facing the water well drilling industry. Whether it’s outright well failure or that the well isn’t performing to expectations, the cause can often be traced back to problems during well development.

Here are some problems to watch for:

  • Insufficient Time: if significant amounts of mud are lost in the formation during drilling, a lot of time can be lost to well development re-dos.
  • Ignoring Measurements: consistent measuring of turbidity, capacity, and sand until there is no substantial improvement will ensure proper development and raise well performance.
  • Delays in the Process: when using drilling mud, if the development process is delayed too long, the mud can gel to the point that it’s hard to remove or it can’t be removed at all, leading to underperformance.
  • Using Wrong Techniques: dispersants used in the development stage don’t always work well in breaking down the polymers found in most drilling mud, making it necessary to use chlorine or something similar instead.
  • Contaminants: there is increasing proof that arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium and other contaminants can be found in some drilling muds

Problems arise unexpectedly during well development so make sure to take the time and follow the right steps to drill a water well that will be long lasting and high performing.

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