Watch SIMCO 2800 Drilling Rigs in the Field

SIMCO Drilling Equipment takes great pride in our craftsmanship, engineering, and reliability. Some of our rigs have been out working in harsh conditions for decades. Our 2800 is one of the most versatile and rugged drilling rigs on the market, no matter if your focus is water well drilling or geotechnical drilling.

One of our customers, Lifetime Wells International, works tirelessly throughout West Africa to provide safe drinking water to communities that have been living without. In 2016, they were able to purchase a new SIMCO 2800 water well drilling rig along with a separate rebuilt air compressor package. The experienced sales team at SIMCO worked with the client to build the right drilling rig for the varied geological conditions they face. This video shows the 2800 water well rig at work in Ghana, drilling a well for a hand pump so the local population can have access to a safe water supply.

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Designed to take on the harshest drilling environments, the 2800 HS (HT) geotechnical drilling rig is built to get the job done in almost any terrain. This customer video shows the 2800 mounted to an ATV, demonstrating the ease of use, mobility, versatility and power at your fingertips with this geotech drilling system.

SIMCO does not own the rights to this video

No matter the conditions or terrain you need to conquer, the experienced sales team at SIMCO will help you create the perfect rig to get your water well drilling or geotechnical drilling jobs done safely and efficiently.

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