VIDEO: SIMCO PTO Driven 2800 Power Fits Your Drilling Needs

The SIMCO 2800 has been a powerful tool for over 30 years. When big rig power in a compact package is needed to get the job done, the 2800 has always been one of the most reliable choices. The SIMCO PTO driven 2800 with higher horsepower-driven hydraulics has the power and versatility to fit your drilling needs.

Powered by the Ram 5500 truck’s Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel Engine, the PTO Driven 2800 offers bigger hydraulics and more horsepower than ever before. It offers a 2×3 centrifugal mud pump with 400 gpm/250 psi capability as well as a development air package for water well development at 185 cfm/150 psi.

The following video demonstrates the power of the SIMCO PTO driven 2800:

The PTO driven 2800 is only available on the Ram 5500 Chassis, but provides increased power with larger hydraulics and an increased HP from the Cummins engine. When paired with the SIMCO 3″ PDQ Drill Pipe, the PTO 2800 will truly show the mud pump’s outstanding performance. The PDQ Drill Pipe’s tool joint is not only extremely fast and lightweight, but it’s also much wider so you can push a higher volume of fluid down the hole. If you’re looking for a proven drilling rig design with lower maintenance costs and less down time, the PTO Driven 2800 from SIMCO fits the bill.

At SIMCO, our goal is to provide you with the most reliable drilling rig tailored to your business’s specific needs. Call the SIMCO team at 800-338-9925 to learn more about the new or used options available to you, or simply contact us online HERE for more information.