VIDEO: SIMCO 7000 Articulating Jib Winch Makes Water Well Drilling More Efficient

Getting the job done safely, correctly and efficiently is the name of the game for SIMCO Drilling Rigs and Equipment. That’s why our on-site engineers are always working to create the best drilling rig features – whether for water well drilling, geothermal drilling or geotechnical drilling. One of the most impressive features SIMCO offers is the hydraulic, articulating jib winch on the SIMCO 7000 – making your water well drilling operations more efficient and safer than ever.

Well drilling involves heavy lifting, and to work a job site efficiently, you need a rig with the right equipment to move supplies safely around the job site. With the articulating jib winch system available on the SIMCO 7000, you can save time and money while keeping safety a top priority.

Some features of the articulating jib winch include:

  • hydraulic swing-out capability for better side access
  • telescoping arm to move materials away from or nearer to the rig
  • power to easily pick up water well casings
  • wider range of reach on worksite for the rig
  • smooth and effortless rotation and dexterity

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

SIMCO Drilling Equipment has the knowledge and experience to build the most powerful and efficient drilling rig to best fit your needs. The articulating jib winch is only one option we offer to help you get the job done.

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