Used SIMCO Drilling Rigs – Still the Best in the Business

used drilling rig

Investing in your company sets you up for a wider array of jobs and projects. Whether you started out with a smaller, 2400 SK-1 geotechnical drill rig or you have larger drill rigs at your disposal, having access to more powerful drilling rigs increases the kind of work your company will be called to do. However, purchasing brand new rigs can prove costly. If you want to acquire different sized drilling rigs but don’t have the available financial assets to purchase new equipment, you need to consider a used drilling rig. SIMCO provides an wide range of used drilling rigs, capable of handling the toughest jobs at a fraction of the price. You don’t need to go new to invest back into your company.

Refurbished Used Rigs

All of the used rigs for sale from SIMCO go through an extensive inspection and testing process. Before making the equipment available for sale, everything is tested and repairs are made where needed. SIMCO also offers a selection of “As-Is” equipment for those who want to do their own repairs. While the refurbished rigs may not have the same luster and shine as never-used drills, the equipment performs at the same level of quality expected of the SIMCO name.

Kinds of Used Drilling Rigs For Sale

The lineup of used rigs for sale varies throughout the year, depending on what rigs are sold back or traded in to SIMCO. Due to this, what you see listed today may differ a week or month down the line. If you see a rig you’re interested in, be sure to inquire about the hardware right away as it likely won’t be around for long. The used drilling rigs sell quickly as other companies like your own are interested in the performance reputation of SIMCO equipment and the money saving potential of a used rig.

SIMCO sells a wide range of used drill rigs. These rigs can include environmental drilling, water well drilling, construction drilling, probe drilling, geotechnical drilling, geothermal drilling as well as water utility and gas utility leak detection equipment. If you are in the market for a used drilling rig, check out the current selection online or contact the SIMCO service department for the latest used drilling equipment available.

If you are thinking of buying a used drill rig, no matter if it’s from SIMCO or a private seller, you can simply call our service department with the rig’s serial number and we will find out the value and/or history of the rig for you. You can also give us a call with the serial number of a rig you are wanting to sell and we will help you determine a fair asking price. This is just one more benefit of working with SIMCO!

SIMCO understands purchasing new rigs is not always an affordable option. With a used drilling rig, your company receives quality equipment for a reduced price. So, if you’re ready to invest back into your company and gain access to larger projects, contact our sales team today!