used drill rigSo you are looking for a used drill rig? With shortages on what seems like everything from RV antifreeze to trucks, drilling equipment is no exception. Every well driller we talk to is seemingly busier than ever and can’t keep up with the demand to drill water wells. Currently drill rig orders are extended and you may be considering the used drilling rigs on the market. It is tempting to buy anything that is available being this busy and just needing something. Many times, buying used drilling rigs can be tricky as there are so many things to look at and consider. Then considering maybe it is a different brand than you are familiar with. At SIMCO we keep records of all our equipment we have ever built in the last 50 years. If you are looking at someone’s used SIMCO drill rig and want to know more about it before you buy it just get the rigs serial number and call SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. sometimes if you can’t get the rigs serial number you can show us pictures of it and we often can identify what drill it is. We will pull our records on the used drill rig you are looking at and tell you everything we know about the used drill rig. We can tell you if other options could possibly be added or tell you the value of the it and what to look for when looking at it.

used drill rig 7000Drilling rigs have certain wear areas and knowing where to look and what to look for can be a big advantage when used drill rig shopping. We can discuss maintenance or bringing it to us to evaluate it. We have lots of drill rig customers who send us their drills to perform maintenance and perform repairs.

We also not only build and sell new drills, but we also sell used drilling rigs at SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. We take used drill rigs in on trade towards new drill rigs all the time. Usually, the first place we post them is on our Facebook page so follow us on Facebook to make sure you see them first. One advantage to buying used drill rigs from the manufacturer is we know the drilling equipment and know what needs fixed. Unless otherwise agreed upon we will bring in used drill rigs and go through them and perform all the necessary repairs. This makes for a better used drill rig so that when you get the drill it works. Another good place to shop for used drills is The WorldWide Drilling Resource. 

If you’d like to learn more about the features and options that would best benefit your own operation, request a free quote through our Contact page or call 800-338-9925 and speak to our sales team today.