Trade in Your Used Water Well Drilling Rigs With SIMCO

Needing more or bigger equipment to meet the needs of your clients is a good problem to have. If you’re looking to grow your fleet or just need a more powerful drilling rig, consider trading in your used water well drilling equipment at SIMCO.

used water well drill machine

When your company needs to grow but you’re a little tight on available funds, let SIMCO try to offer a solution. Our trade-in options can benefit a growing company in a number of ways:

  1. Trade-in your used water well drilling rig for a discount on a larger, newer model.

    Talk with one of our sales experts to see how much you can save on an important investment in your company’s growth. Previous customers have utilized this option to save as much as 15% off a brand-new rig.

  2. Give someone else the chance to purchase their dream water well drill with less capital.

    While your business is growing and thriving, another business is just getting started. While you take advantage of a discount on a new, larger rig to meet your clients’ demands, someone else can benefit by purchasing your used equipment.

  3. Save money in two ways with a trade-in.

    As we head into the fourth quarter, many businesses start looking at tax liabilities and ways to help the bottom line. By trading in your used water well drilling equipment, you receive a discount on purchasing a new drilling rig. When you make an equipment purchase at this time of year, you can write-off the whole purchase price of your new rig without having to make more than a couple of payments on the purchase loan. That’s more money in your pocket now and when you file your taxes.

SIMCO wants to help you succeed and will work with you to find or build a brand-new rig with all the options perfect for your business. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship and the experience of our service department. Whether you’re trading in for a new rig or looking to purchase used, SIMCO can help make it happen.

Contact SIMCO for more specifics, both on your desired rig and the current setup you’re interested in trading in. Reach out to our outstanding customer service department through email or give us a call at 800-338-9925 today!