Tough Water Well Drilling Jobs Are No Match For SIMCO 7000

SIMCO Drilling Equipment has been improving quality and technology in drilling rig manufacturing for more than 50 years, continuing to grow every year. Our engineers keep on creating the best rigs to tackle the toughest jobs, in the worst conditions, efficiently and consistently. The 7000 Drill Rig is the perfect example of the quality performance you can expect from SIMCO.

You can’t go wrong with the efficient and versatile SIMCO 7000, no matter if your task involves water well or geothermal drilling. Field-proven and user-friendly, this all-hydraulic, truck-mounted rig is a powerful tool in almost any drilling condition anywhere in the world.

Some of the specifications of the SIMCO 7000 Drill Rig:

  • Auto indexing drill rod carousel for either 10′ or 16′ drill rods
  • Drillhead torque of 2900 ft. lbs.
  • Drillhead RPM of 0-300 PRM
  • Main winch lifts 12,000 lbs; Auxiliary winch lifts 3800 lbs.
  • Drillhead provides 29,500 lbs of pullback and 15,000 lbs of pushdown

Backed by an industry-best warranty, and boasting one of the best service departments around, the SIMCO 7000 comes with the support you need for a long rig life. Our sales staff comes to your business and trains your team to operate the 7000 Drill Rig and answers all your questions. Routine maintenance is fast and thorough to help keep your rig in the field longer to make YOUR business more successful and profitable. You choose the carousel capacity and the mud pump size to meet your needs, and SIMCO creates your perfect drilling machine!

For more information, contact the SIMCO Service Department or call 800-338-9925 today! And don’t forget to take advantage of the Section 179 tax break before the year is over to keep cash in your pocket – let us tell you how!