The SIMCO Trailers – True Drilling Rig Platforms

SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. is always working hard to meet the needs of our customers and our custom trailers are just one more example of our commitment to drilling excellence. A trailer’s job is more than just a way to move the rig safely from place to place.

SIMCO drilling rig trailer

The compact 3700 trailer is designed to carry the long stroke SIMCO 2400 water well rig with the centrifugal mud pump tucked underneath the deck. On deck is plenty of room for the drill rod and additional drilling supplies.

“Where truck mounted rigs can’t be exported to some countries,” said Richard Clarke Director of Sales and Marketing. “The countries who need water well drilling rigs most can take advantage of the trailer mounted SIMCO rigs.”

Our rugged 3800 trailer can carry either the SIMCO 2400 or the 2800 Geotechnical Drill rig along with augers and other soil sampling tools. Finally, the SIMCO 3900 trailer provides enough room for the powerful 2800 water well drill rig, drill rods and the Centerline piston mud pump. And it’s also available with a standard tongue towing package or a fifth wheel configuration.

“Our 3900 trailer is a longer, stable drill platform with more work space, under deck tooling and tool boxes, as well as room for a proper sized mud pump system,” said Ryan Gross, SIMCO Rig Sales team member. “It’s longer and a little wider, but it’s also versatile enough that it can be formatted for export and fits shipping containers. Offering this trailer is just another way we take care of our customers.”

SIMCO’s trailers are specially built for each drilling system and are created to be a true drilling platform. By building to our own specifications, SIMCO can avoid the standard truck bed and trailer faults and provide a drilling platform framework for better safety and control. Another feature of the SIMCO trailers is the built-in hydraulic leveling jack system. Once on site, your crew won’t have to scramble to stabilize and level the trailer.

When it comes to geotechnical or water well drilling, you need a drilling rig that starts with the structural integrity needed for your operation. At SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc., we design and construct our line of truck beds and trailers to integrate with your custom-built drilling system keeping in mind your safety and efficiency.

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