The SIMCO 7000 Sets the Bar for Drilling Rig Quality

drill rig quality, Geothermal Drill 7000


Purchasing a drilling rig is no simple decision. After comparing specs and capabilities, looking through testimonials and weighing all the options, the value of the rig is certainly a huge deciding factor. Drill rig quality and actual return on investment is what drives a drilling rig business to success, and the SIMCO 7000 sets the benchmark in both.

The 7000’s impressive torque options raise it well above the competition while its versatility makes it the ideal rig for nearly any job. Drilling challenges in most environments are no match for the SIMCO 7000. This truck-mounted rig is the perfect example of the drill rig quality you can expect from SIMCO time and time again. The drillhead speed of up to 300 RPM makes quick work of all your geothermal, water well or geotechnical drilling needs, expanding your job capabilities with just one rig. With multiple water and mud pump options and winch that can handle up to 12,000 pounds (18,000 winch option available), there is no end to what your business can accomplish for your clients.

When purchasing a drill rig, you need to make sure you’re going to get a substantial return on your investment. The reliability and longevity of SIMCO drill rigs is apparent in their outstanding warranty and their turn around on used SIMCO equipment. An affordable option for smaller businesses or companies looking to expand without breaking the bank, used SIMCO rigs offer unmatched reliability and longevity. When you factor in the added versatility of the 7000 and SIMCO’s reputation for drill rig quality, you can’t go wrong with this purchase, whether new or used.

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