The SIMCO 255 PTC Gets The Job Done

Heavy duty pavement test core jobs are in high demand. That means calls for a drilling rig that’s up to the challenge are too. If you’re looking for a rig that’s fast, easy to operate, safe, efficient, and reliable job after job, year after year, the SIMCO 255 PTC is exactly what you need.

pavement test core drill rig

Backed by over 20 years of reliable field service, the compact SIMCO 255 PTC rig is a popular tool for producing high quality cores, used by a majority of the U.S. DOT crews as well as the U.S. Air Force and the Army Corps of Engineers.
Today’s increasing pavement thickness is no trouble for the 255 PTC’s 42” of stroke. With fingertip controls, the operator has the ability to make adjustments on all drilling functions, including feed rate, bit pressure, rotation speed and water flow. With the SIMCO 255 PTC, precise locating of the coring has never been easier.

The SIMCO 255 PTC is a professional grade, high production drill rig with the ability to produce quality, smooth-sided cores. You can select diesel or gas-powered engine for your self-contained unit, as well as choose a trailer, pick up, or flatbed mounting platform. The all-hydraulic operation gives your crew smooth, uncomplicated road coring and the fast set up and high coring rate means less time on the job site. With options of limited auger drilling capabilities and lighting packages for nighttime operation, this reliable PTC drilling rig offers you a low-cost, low-maintenance powerhouse to expand your business.

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