The Ideal Drillers Mud Pan – Custom Drilling Equipment From SIMCO

SIMCO Drilling Equipment prides itself on our engineering and building some of the best drilling rigs and drilling systems in the industry. The end-user is always top our top priority when designing our drilling rigs and the SIMCO stainless steel mud pan is a prime example.

Having a reliable and easy to use drilling mud pan can make a difference in drilling efficiency and the time it takes to complete a job. The SIMCO stainless steel mud pan is designed for better solids dropout with a proven flow design. Durable and long lasting, stainless steel construction means that not only will it not rust but mud won’t stick to the bottom hardly at all, giving you ease and efficiency.

The video below is a great showcase of the SIMCO drilling mud pan being used on a drilling job site with the SIMCO 2800 PTO Drilling Rig.

Many other drilling mud pans are designed in a smaller keyhole shape. SIMCO’s mud pan holds up to 300 gallons, making it easy to mix your bentonite and water and with plenty of room to shovel your drill cuttings out. With removeable drain plugs, hooks for winch maneuverability, and removeable baffles, it’s easy to use and cleanup is quick and simple.

non-stick drilling mud pan water well

Whether you want to add one to your current SIMCO drill system or want to include it with a new rig designed just for you, the mud pan can be retrofitted for your SIMCO drilling rig and can be carried on the drill rig. This versatile drilling mud pan can be used with any drill rig.

SIMCO works hard to meet the needs of our clients. We know what it’s like out in the field and strive to create equipment that is durable and easy to use, building efficient drill rigs with the end user in mind.

If you want to learn more about the SIMCO Stainless Steel Mud Pan, contact our sales team by calling 800-338-9925 or requesting a quote through our CONTACT page.