The Art of Shipping Water Well Drilling Rigs Worldwide

ship water well drilling rig world wide

What does it take to ship water well drilling rigs from the Midwest U.S. to locations around the world?

When selling a water well drill rig to be used overseas, you not only have to think about where it’s going but also how it’s going to get around once it gets there. Here in the U.S., getting from point A to point B is a relatively easy task when you consider that we have use of some of the best highway and road systems in the world. The same cannot be said for the roads in most developing countries.

Splitting the Load – 3 Options to Get your Drilling Rig Overseas

The first option and the most efficient way to put together a combination mud/air rotary water well drilling rig package for drilling 100-120 m wells is to mount the mud pump, drill rods, large air compressor and deck engine on a big 500 HP tandem axle truck. However, not only does this big truck consume a lot of fuel, at 62,000+ pounds, it may be too big for the road system where it is going. Splitting the load by mounting the drill rig and mud pump on one smaller carrier and the large air compressor for DTH hammer rock drilling on a second smaller carrier is an affordable option.

A second option applies if the chosen smaller carrier is to be a truck built in the U.S., a gas engine version needs to be acquired . All diesel engine powered trucks built for the U.S. market since the 2007 model year require both Ultra Low Sulfur diesel and the DEF fluid for emissions control. Without these two fluids, the trucks will not run. Unfortunately, these fluids are typically not available in many foreign countries. There are a few cases where suitable new trucks with an exportable “dirty” diesel engine can be obtained for your drilling rig mount.

This brings us to the third option: separate trailer mounting of both the water well drilling rig/mud pump combination and the large air compressor. This is a common way that the SIMCO 2800 model drill rig has been supplied for export.  Not only is it a less costly way to ship your water well drilling equipment because it can all go inside one container, but the suitable sized new or used trucks needed to tow these trailers can be supplied in-country. This fact will help lower the overall cost of the final package and ensure emissions and weight requirements are met.

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