That Makes A Dozen SIMCO Drilling Rigs and Counting

The team at SIMCO delivered a new, custom-built drilling rig to an engineering and consulting firm in Texas, one of more than a dozen SIMCO drilling rigs purchased to date.

Intertek-PSI took possession of their new 2800 geotechnical/environmental drilling rig last week in Houston. Focusing on such services as geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and soil investigations, Intertek-PSI will reap great rewards from the versatile SIMCO 2800 drilling rig.

Click through the gallery below to see the rig before being shipped to Houston:

“Long-term customers like Intertek-PSI are the highest praise we could ask for,” said Ryan Gross, Accountant and Rig Sales for SIMCO. “We’re really proud that our equipment is reliable, keeping customers coming back time after time.”

Mounted on a Morooka rubber track carrier, this 2800 was equipped with a larger mud pump option, and a long-stroke mast to handle 10’ drill rods. The SIMCO 2800 geotechnical and environmental drilling rig is designed to provide maneuverability and power in the same compact package. Ruggedly built, the 2800 is all hydraulic, top head driven, and easy to maintain, making it one of the best drill rigs in its class.

For SIMCO drilling rigs and larger models like the 7000, rig delivery comes with on-site orientation and training. The sales team comes along and spends time with the crew, walking them through all the features. To ensure that the new drill rig is performing as promised, the team goes over the operation and maintenance of the equipment, as well as talking through the warning labels and safety features.

Let the experienced sales team at SIMCO help you create the perfect rig to get your geotechnical or water well drilling jobs done safely and efficiently. Give us a call at 800-338-9925, or reach out through our Contact Page.