SURVEY – 2019-20 SIMCO Spending Forecast

An earlier SIMCO article talked about expert advice on growth during rough times and the idea of spending against the wind.” Whether you are looking at a peak or a trough in your own drilling business, we want to know how you’re planning on spending your money in the next fiscal year.

No matter if you’re experiencing a period of expansion or lower demand, we want to know if you’re looking to buy a new or used drill rig.

We took a quick survey of our Facebook followers about their spending outlook in the upcoming months and were surprised at the responses.  So we’ve decided to extend that survey to you for some additional insight on the next 12-18 months.

Please, take the next minute-or-so to answer 5 simple questions about the state of the drilling business. Your answers will help our team better understand the state of the industry and better server you in the future.

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