SPECIAL: Protect Your Hydraulic System With SIMCO Oil Filters

Restricted flow in your drilling rig’s hydraulic system can cause low efficiency and long-term damage. Using the right oil filter for your specific equipment can mean the difference between costly repairs and consistent productivity.

drilling rig oil filter

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Many people don’t understand the importance of quality parts, and think all are the same. Using the wrong filters not engineered for your SIMCO rig increases the potential of damaging the entire hydraulic system. Using improper oil and oil filters can also void your warranty, which will leave you in a tight spot if your drilling rig encounters any problems. The SIMCO service department always has the proper filter in stock for all SIMCO drill rigs to help keep your equipment running for the long haul.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment in Osceola not only manufactures and sells the most state-of-the-art drilling rigs around, their parts and service department is second to none. To ensure our customers are using the proper oil filters in their drilling rigs, we are offering special pricing on SIMCO hydraulic filters.

SIMCO Brand Hydraulic Oil Filters: ONLY $69.00

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