SIMCO’s Unique Rod Handling Table Promotes Safety, Saves Time & Money

As the ideal geothermal and water well drilling workhorse, the SIMCO 7000 will get the job done. Drilling in nearly any soil type is what the 7000 does best. But with the SIMCO 7000’s hydraulic rod handling table that now comes standard on all 7000s, you’ll save time and keep your crew safer on site.

While all drilling rigs similar in size to the SIMCO 7000 have rod handling tables, this rod handling table has the experience and quality behind it to make SIMCO stand apart from the rest.

The table slides in and out on a state of the art hydraulic system, allowing your crew to move the flat fork wrench in place quickly and easily simply by pulling a hydraulic lever. The hydraulic break-out wrench can also be maneuvered into position while saving time and creating a safer environment for your crew. Why? The table hydraulically slides in, the drill head hydraulically opens, giving you a direct shot with all of your winches. This feature also helps adjust things while drilling – ALL without having to move the truck.

The SIMCO 7000 rod handling table is simple and sturdy without being cumbersome to manage. A hydraulic flat wrench and hydraulic breakout wrench are included and an optional stabilizer / well casing guides, in various sizes are available.

Watch the video below for an exclusive demonstration of what the SIMCO 7000 can do:

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