In an industry full of multi-generational companies, it’s important to build lasting connections. Not only does it promote the customer’s return business, but it also provides the customer with someone who knows their company and is committed to their success. SIMCO Drilling Equipment is proud of their reputation for quality and reliability that has brought companies back time after time.

Fifty years after appearing on the cover of the Water Well Journal, Thein Well Drilling Co. Inc. out of Spicer, Minnesota, is featured on the cover again in a photo taken by SIMCO’s own Darren Swolley. This family-owned business that started in 1893 has been passed down through the generations, looking to the quality craftsmanship of SIMCO Drilling Equipment since their own beginning in 1971. Starting with the tough and versatile 2800 model and recently upgrading to the powerhouse 7000 water well drilling rig, Thein Well Drilling is one of a growing number of companies that return to SIMCO as their business grows.

Photo taken by Darren Swolley – SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.

“As we celebrate our own 50th anniversary this summer, it’s a great feeling to look back and see all the drilling companies that have come along with us for the ride,” said Swolley. “Each generation faces unique challenges and SIMCO’s ability to evolve and adapt through the decades has allowed us to forge these lasting connections. We’re really proud that these businesses know they can rely on us for quality and excellence.”

These long-term relationships are also part of SIMCO’s own growth and success through the years. By building up a mutual trust, customers know SIMCO values their input and makes improvements based on what will best serve their needs. That’s why SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment are in operation on every continent, passed from one generation to the next with confidence in SIMCO’s quality craftsmanship.

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