SIMCO’S Complete Geotechnical Drilling System

SIMCO’s 2800 Geotech system has long been an industry leader, providing power and convenience where it’s needed most. Field proven and driller tested, the features of this rig keep it at the top of the geotechnical drilling industry.

simco geotechnical drilling rig for sale


  • Hydrostatic, variable speed drill head (7500 ft lbs/0-750 rpm)
    Your drilling crew maintains control with the ability to change the drill head speed to meet unexpected challenges in the field, giving you more torque at the lower speeds where you need it most.
  • 11’ stroke mast with telescoping extension allows you to pull 20’ lengths of tools
    The standard auger tooling in the drilling industry is roughly five feet. SIMCO offers you the capability to drill faster and more efficiently.
  • Automatic SPT hammer
    The automatic SPT hammer provides more transferred energy to drill rods, resulting in lower measured blow-counts.
  • Drill head swings hydraulically off hole for more efficient tool handling
    This swing-out capability allows for safer and faster transitions. No need to readjust the position of the rig.
  • Moyno or piston water & mud pumps
    The ability to keep up with clearing the cuttings is one key to wet rotary drilling efficiency. With bigger mud pump options that provide a higher gallon per minute output, SIMCO drilling systems help you push progress farther and faster.

The complete 2800 Geotech drilling system is rugged and adaptable, to get your crews into sites that some of the bigger rigs can’t manage.  The 2800’s proven design means easier service and less down time for your team. With the power packed into the 2800 Geotech, you can take on jobs that other drills of its size can’t handle, keeping your business in the field and more profitable.

With over 50 years of quality and service, SIMCO Drilling Equipment can help you create the perfect drilling system to meet the needs of your clients. Call 800-338-9925 or visit our Contact page for a free quote today!