SIMCO’S 2800 PTO Provides a Complete Water Well Drilling System

SIMCO’s 2800 PTO water well drilling rig offers more than 30 years of proven excellence.

Its big rig power in a compact package allows you to get in, get down, and get done, raising your productivity. Field proven and driller tested, the features of this workhorse keep it at the top of the game.

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  • Compact and maneuverable
    Powered by a 4×4 RAM 5500 with automatic transmission, the 2800 PTO offers more horsepower and maneuverability for virtually any drilling site scenario.
  • Upgraded hydraulics
    Deliver more power for your drilling crew where it’s needed most, boosting efficiency and profitability in the field.
  • Higher performance 2x3x13 centrifugal mud pump
    The mud pumps’ outstanding performance allows you to push a higher volume of fluid down the hole for better clearing and quicker drilling progress.
  • Lightweight, steel alloy 10’ SIMCO PDQ drill rods
    With quick thread and larger water course, the unique SIMCO PDQ can yield a 20-25% increase in production.
  • Well development air compressor
    The capability of up to 185 CFM/150 psi is rare for a rig the size of the 2800, and a point of pride for SIMCO.

The SIMCO 2800 PTO complete water well drilling system provides big rig power in a compact package, to get your crews into sites that some of the bigger rigs can’t manage. With strength and proven reliability, the 2800 PTO can be counted on for lower maintenance costs and less down time, keeping your team in the field and your profits on the rise.

With over 50 years of quality and service, SIMCO Drilling Equipment can help you create the perfect drilling system to meet the needs of your clients. Call 800-338-9925 or visit our Contact page for a free quote today!