SIMCO Used Rig Pricing at All-Time Low!

At SIMCO, we understand that you need to grow your business but may not be in a position to purchase a brand-new rig. That’s why SIMCO offers used drilling equipment at reasonable prices. We want you to succeed and the best way to build your company is with top-of-the-line, reliable SIMCO drilling equipment. Now is the perfect time to see what we offer, as SIMCO’s used rig pricing is the lowest it’s ever been, and our rigs are some of the best in the business!

All of the used rigs for sale from SIMCO go through an extensive inspection and testing process. Before making the equipment available for sale, everything is tested and repairs are made where needed. SIMCO also offers a selection of “As-Is” equipment for those who want to do their own repairs. While the refurbished rigs may not have the same luster and shine as never-used drills, the equipment performs at the same level of quality expected of the SIMCO name.

used drilling rigs for sale


Prices have been lowered to an all-time low!

2013 SIMCO 2800/2013 Ford F-550   

NEW PRICE: $134,500

  • 3 Outrigger leveling jacks
  • 10′ Stroke Mast Derrick w/ adjustable tower extension
  • Top-Head Drive Drillhead 4,000 ft. lbs. /200 rpm
  • 2 winches

2005 USED SIMCO 2800

PTO Driven on 2005 F-550

  • PTO Driven on 2005 Ford F-550 4×4
  • Drillhead 2840 ft. lbs. / 0-185 rpm
  • 10 ft. Stroke Mast
  • 2 – Winches
  • 2 x 3 Cent. Mud Pump
  • Rod Storage Box
  • 3 – Leveling Jacks
  • Tower winch Ext. allows for 20 ft. casing
  • Contact us for pricing

The lineup of used rigs for sale varies throughout the year, depending on what rigs are sold back or traded in to SIMCO. Due to this, what you see listed today may differ a week or month down the line. If you see a rig you’re interested in, be sure to inquire about the hardware right away as it likely won’t be around for long. The used drilling rigs sell quickly as other companies like your own are interested in the performance reputation of SIMCO equipment and the money saving potential of a used rig.

SIMCO understands purchasing new rigs is not always an affordable option. With our low used rig pricing, your company receives quality equipment for a reduced price. So, if you’re ready to invest back into your company and gain access to larger projects, contact our sales team today!