SIMCO Showing Off New 7000 Rig at Jubilee

The South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee is fast approaching and the SIMCO team is ready! This year’s Jubilee takes place July 27-29 in Myrtle Beach and offers not only a product trade show but professional development and a great opportunity to learn more about everything SIMCO offers.

south atlantic drillers jubilee

A display of power and beauty, the SIMCO 7000 is a state of the art water well drill rig. With an auto indexing 10 or 16 drill rod carousel, up to 300 RPM drillhead speed, 2900 ft lbs of drillhead torque, and over 29,000 ft lbs of pullback power, the 7000 will make quick work of even your toughest job.

Find the SIMCO expert sales team at the South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee to ask questions about the drilling industry leader 7000 and find out what makes it one of the best-selling drilling rigs in the industry. Our sales team would also love to tell you about all the drilling equipment we offer and the unique and powerful options available to create your custom-designed drilling rig.

Have you heard about the SIMCO industry-best warranty? Along with exceptional customer service, SIMCO stands out in the drilling industry by standing behind our equipment and continuing the service beyond the sale. Be sure to ask our sales team about all the perks of purchasing custom drilling equipment from SIMCO.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best drill rigs and drill rig equipment in the industry with an unmatched warranty and support. Come see us at the Jubilee, contact us by calling 800-338-9925, or reach out through our Contact Page for your customized quote!