SIMCO Sales Team Provides Support Beyond the Sale

For the SIMCO sales team, their work doesn’t end with the sale of a drilling rig. One of the things that sets SIMCO apart from the competition is the outstanding customer service that goes on long after the purchase is complete.

The sales process for SIMCO always puts the customer first. A member of the team will talk with you and gather specific information about your drilling needs, walking you through the process of creating the perfect drilling rig for you. From there, your rig is manufactured from the ground up right in the Osceola, Iowa plant, every piece machined to the specifications of your unique drilling system. The SIMCO sales team’s work doesn’t end there. Once the rig is complete, the sales team will either travel to the customer’s location or hold training sessions on site, spending time covering all aspects of the new equipment. The customer’s crew will be taught the rig’s safety features, how to properly utilize the options, rig maintenance schedules and requirements as well as the details of the warranty.

simco customer support after the sale

Recently, the SIMCO sales team traveled to Michigan after the delivery of three new drilling rigs. Upon delivery of the rigs, every aspect of the rig, from maintenance to operation was explained, all questions answered and all concerns addressed. As a SIMCO policy, our sales team stays as long as necessary to ensure the customer is comfortable with the operation and understanding of their new rig. This attention to customer satisfaction is just one of the ways SIMCO has earned their outstanding customer service reputation.

No matter if the customer is in Michigan or Florida, the SIMCO sales team will teach and train the users how to get the most from their SIMCO drilling system. Contact us at 800-338-9925 or through our Contact Page for more information.