Federal regulations enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outline personal protective equipment required for all workers in industrial settings. Protective footwear is included in these regulations and is imperative to the safety of every drilling crew.

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Protecting your employees with good industrial footwear is an easy and cost-effective way to cut lost work hours, heighten morale, and raise productivity. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, foot injuries can take an average of six days to heal, keeping your crew out of the field and your customers on hold. You can keep your business busy and lucrative by complying with OSHA regulations and taking advantage of their available training resources that can be found on the main page of their website.

Each industry has different requirements, based on the potential hazards. OSHA recommends steel-toed shoes and boots for water well and other drilling jobs to protect against the danger of heavy objects dropping on workers’ feet.

Depending on the drilling conditions, teams performing drilling services should also consider waterproof footwear. When you’re on a water well drilling job, it’s essential to keep in mind that injuries from direct cold and moisture can happen in the blink of an eye. Some of the most common threats to be aware of include hypothermia, frostbite and immersion foot or trench foot. Each of these common injuries can have lasting effects. Frostbite and trench foot can sometimes lead to amputations and it’s not uncommon for hypothermia to result in death.

It is imperative that your entire drilling crew follows OSHA regulations for personal protective equipment (PPE) during winter months and throughout the year. Safety in the workplace builds crew morale and creates a healthier and more productive team. Everyone benefits when employees wear the correct footwear.

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