SIMCO Safety Series: Using Teamwork for Safer Drilling Operations

While most people think the phrase, “There’s no ‘I’ in team” applies exclusively to athletes, anyone who has ever worked on a drilling team knows that’s not the case. Each driller relies on their coworkers on a daily basis, from driller assistants and truck drivers to supervisors and office managers. Working together produces better results at home, in the office, or on the job site.

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Drilling can be dangerous due to the size and power of the drilling equipment being used, and it only takes one misstep to create a catastrophic situation. Building a team mentality among all employees allows them to feel safe and valued in the workplace, relying on each other to improve quality and safety for everyone.

Teamwork improves job site and workplace safety by:

  • Sharing turns at a physically challenging task
  • Keeping workspaces clean of clutter and spills
  • Holding the ladder for another employee
  • Helping to lift a heavy and/or large piece of equipment
  • Using a second set of eyes when backing a drill rig into a tight spot

Safety doesn’t only rely on physical assistance on the job site. Clear, concise communication is another way to keep your drilling crew and all employees safe. There are many ways good communication can make a difference in the safety of your operation:

  • Sharing information about a hazard on site
  • Being thorough and patient when training a new employee
  • Enforcing safe practices whether that means PPE or seatbelts
  • Asking for help to move or lift something heavy

Drilling isn’t a solo operation. Good communication and teamwork are both necessary when lifting drilling materials, tripping drill rods, adding augers, and even cleaning up a drill site. When employees feel like they’re part of a team, working together becomes second nature and makes every job efficient and safe for everyone.

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