SIMCO SAFETY SERIES: Safety in SIMCO Rig Cargo Containment

It’s easy to fall into a rut and get out of the habit of checking the small safety details every day. Unfortunately, failing to check the load on your truck can cause a number of serious problems including property damage, severe injuries, or death. That’s why it’s important to perform a quick check of cargo securement on the drill rig and all support vehicles.

cargo on drilling rig

It is the responsibility of each crew to perform safety related inspections on the drilling equipment they’ll be using for the day, and securing the load on the truck is no exception. Here are some reminders to keep your crew and your drill rigs safe:

  • Check holding areas and toolboxes during the pre-trip inspection. Look for severe rust or other damage that could cause tools to fall out while driving. SIMCO has equipped their rigs, as space allows, with toolboxes above and below deck, allowing for more and better storage.
  • Mud and gravel falling off a truck counts as a violation of load securement. The time it takes to scrape off the mud or gravel is definitely worth avoiding property damage, fines, or loss of life from falling debris.
  • Look for unsecured items before driving the drilling rig. Things like core barrels, casings, drill rods, shovels, wheel barrows, and augers can get missed at the end of a job. If any of these come loose and fall off the truck while in motion, the equipment could be damaged or people could get hurt. The auger stanchions and rod boxes on SIMCO drilling rigs come with welded-on rings to attach the proper-rated straps or chains.
  • Make it a habit to walk around the drilling rig at every stop, paying special attention to casing, drill pipe, and other round items. Wind or the bouncing of the truck when in motion can cause items to shift and possibly come loose. By offering sufficient, secure storage, SIMCO avoids the need for bungee cords, open-topped storage trays, unsecured buckets or boxes. Proper cargo securement protects your equipment on the roughest roads or from falling off in case of a roll over incident.

Training of each crew member is imperative to the safety of everyone involved. That’s why with every rig purchased, SIMCO provides in-depth training on the operation of all components, proper maintenance, and the rig’s safety features. By educating your crew on these important cargo containment safeguards, you can help head off expensive damage to your drilling equipment and potential injuries to your employees or others sharing the road.

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